(1) The superior location and traffic
    Longtan river scenic area is located in the han river shelter-forest north shore, qinling branch tail mountain sheep, 50 kilometers from the county town of YunXi east, west of shaanxi baihe town 16 kilometers, south near the han river. Across east longitude 110 ° 11 ', north latitude 32 ° 48 ', is southwest of the outside world in and out of the hubei YunXi portal.
    Longtan river transportation is very convenient, Yun sheep highway (YunXiXian to entered the town of road) to the scenic area, G316 national highway across the huangpu river, han river bridge linking the north and south, is apart from the silver wu the hubei YunXi export 52 kilometers, 10 white 22 km high-speed BaoXia exports. "Twelfth five-year" plan view of the old temple, after the completion of the jianghan bridge XiangYu of double line railway and baihe stand away from scenic area only 11 kilometers, land and water transportation is very convenient.
(2) The beautiful natural scenery
Scenic area belongs to subtropical monsoon climate zone, with distinct seasons, sunny, warm in winter and cool in summer and climatic characteristics. Scenic area consists of two parts, the longtan river and butch gorge, 20 kilometers long from east, north and south 12 km wide, the main landscape are: sky line, galaxy cascades, dragon female beauties, longtan, the bottom of the sea dragon temple, ancient ju gong ye xie month, correlation, bibcock, string of longdong, longquan eye, peacock organ, butch pilgrimage, king tiger leopard nest hole, two tianmen, prayer meeting, the three Buddha, beautiful face, through the door, the dog Shi Zu worship days, st mark master, alone the nipple, five longshan, such as more than 60, is well-preserved natural botanical garden. Enter the scenic area, you incorporated in the nature, which enjoy the natural beauty: deer, goat and rabbit goes hand in hand with you; Birds cicada and spring ding-dong jarring; Virgin forests, rare flowers and trees, rare herbs through endless; The cliff cliff, mist cloud, ZiQi fills the air, fascinating. Is a national 4 a level scenic spots, forest park, geological park; Gallery is a natural landscape, is a pile of waterfall of wonders, the massive folk park is an old, enjoy "the han gallery", China's "small yandang" laudatory name.
(3) The profound cultural background
    Now the scenic area in ancient culture, ancient folk and traditional craft is very rich.
    Traditional process: traditional papermaking, as one of the four great inventions of the ancient; Banqiao dried beancurd is ancient Chang an imperial for food; The traditional soil wine workshop; Traditional oil workshop; Textile mills; Dyeing house, etc.
    Ancient folk customs, traditional marriage culture, funeral (send death kiln) culture, wine culture and folk culture of Chinese.
    In ancient culture: Peng Cheng first, clock home compound, gong ye village, etc
    History and legend: pain xiangshan, jose home village, liang's village, the legend of the dragon
    The above various folk customs and history culture constitutes the profound cultural connotation of the scenic spot.